eBinker.com makes e-books
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eBinker.com makes e-books
eBinker.com makes e-books
We get your book on the iPad

The revolution is upon us. With the introduction of the Apple iPad and the iBookStore, the world of publishing has been changed forever. The way we buy, sell, and consume the written word will be altered in ways that we can't even imagine yet.

The rules of e-book publishing are just now being written. Where does the independent author or publisher fit in this new landscape?

eBinker is here to help.

Our goal is to help people like you, the independent author or publisher, take advantage of these revolutionary new developments in publishing. We are a team of technicians, artists, writers, and promoters who have many decades experience in our respective fields. We have written books. We have promoted books. We have designed compelling cover art. We have been a part of Internet development and commerce since its early days.

We will shepard your manuscript from its raw form into a beautiful, fully functional, e-book that can be sold on the Apple iBookStore, LuLu, or your own website. We will guide you and your book through the maze of XHTML, file compression, meta-tags, TOC creation, and CSS. We can edit your book. We can create compelling art for your book. We can create a website for your book.

We get your book on the iPad.

Questions? Check out our FAQ. Ready to publish your book to the iPad? Get started.

eBinker.com makes e-books

There are many factors that go into the successful creation of your e-book. Questions about format, layout, artistic elements, editing requirements, and promotion must be answered. This initial process is very much "hands on". Please visit our get started page to begin.

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