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eBinker.com makes e-books

The process to get from manuscript to iPad can be quite complex, involving elements of XHTML and CSS coding and de-bugging, file compression, user interface design, graphic design, and copy editing. The creative and technical challenges involved in turning your creation into a beautiful and fully functional e-book are varied and many, and generally are not for the faint-hearted. With the combined experience of over 50 years in design, development, and coding, our team has both the technical chops and the creative vision to bring your work into this new medium.

eBInker was formed with the sole purpose of helping independent authors, editors, and publishers participate in the book publishing revolution that is now upon us. We feel that the Apple iPad will have an impact on the world of publishing greater even than the iPod has had on the world of music. The art of the e-book is just now being invented, and eBInker intends to be in the vanguard.

With 15 years of experience as a web professional, eBInker founder Greg Hallmark has a depth of experience that is hard to find in the industry. He has helped launch many entrepreneurial ventures and has been vital part of several companies’ success and growth.

His background in serving the needs of a wide range of clients both large and small is extensive, having worked as an independent web developer since 1995. Greg’s expertise has brought him clients ranging from Justin Timberlake’s Ful Backpacks, Folgers Coffee, NHC HealthCare, S&K Menswear, Damon’s Restaurants, Demos Restaurants, The State of Tennessee’s Wildlife Resources Agency, the world famous Sound Kitchen recording studios in Nashville, The Sunday School Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention, The Memphis Airport Area Development Corporation, Informatics Corporation of America, Zycron, Inc., and many others.

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