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Frequently asked questions about e-books

How much does it cost?

Cost of converting a finished manuscript to a properly formated e-book that can be submitted to and sold on the Apple eBookStore can range from $300 to a few thousand. Where your book falls will depend mainly on three factors; the complexity of your book's layout, the cleanliness of the manuscript, and your graphic or jacket design needs.

What do you mean by the complexity of my book's layout?

Low complexity would be a manuscript that is just simply text, such as a novel. High complexity would be something like a textbook, with charts, tables, and other complex design elements that may need to be hand-coded into the e-book version.

What do you mean by the cleanliness of my manuscript?

This refers to the use of standard features and markup found in Word, InDesign, and other layout programs. Things that can affect the cleanliness factor of your manuscript would be, for instance, the improper use of heading tags and arbitrary hard returns. These would necessitate more hand work, thus more cost.

Do you design book jackets?

Yes. Our designers have many years experience in designing book covers and jackets.

How will I know how much it's going to cost?

After analyzing your manuscript and consulting with you on your graphic needs we will provide you with an estimate. Visit our "get started" page to begin this process.

What format should my manuscript be in?

We prefer getting your manuscript in Word, though we can work with InDesign, PDF, and some other formats.

My book has pictures. Can you work with that?


What format will my finished e-book be in?

Epub format. Since Steve Jobs announced that Epub will be the only allowed format in the iBookStore, it should now be considered the standard for most e-books. Think of it as the MP3 of the printed word.

What is epub?

It is an open source standard for e-books that is developed and maintained by the IDPF.

What is the IDPF?

From their website: "The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) is a trade and standards organization dedicated to the development and promotion of electronic publishing."

How will I get my book in the eBookStore?

The best way is to submit it yourself via the Apple iTunes Connect website. Or you can use any one of the aggregators that can handle the process for you.

Is eBinker an aggregator?

No. We focus on what we do best; the art and science of crafting your e-book. We will provide you with a finished, valid, e-book that you can then sell via Apple, LuLu, or your own website.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. Though we require a small partial payment to get started on your e-book, we don't square up with you until your book passes epubcheck, which is the standard that Apple requires for placement on the iBookStore.

Can you make a website for me and/or my book?

Absolutely. We've been in the website creation business since 1995.

Who are you guys?

Check our about us page.

What's the deal with the name, eBinker?

"eB" is for e-book. "ink" is for ink. Just call us E Binker.

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