a non-sense production

a film made as part of the 48 Hour Film Project 2005, Nashville

Winner: Best Film, Best Directing (Trey Mitchell), Best Actress (Kai Porter), Best Supporting Actress (Abigail Hall), Honorable Mention for Best Screenplay, Best Use of Line of Dialogue.

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<br>Kai Porter <br>Abigail Hall <br>Lucas Lord <br> <br>Director <br>Trey Mitchell <br> <br>Cinematographers <br>Josh Lagersen <br>Erin Mercer <br> <br>Edited By <br>Greg Hallmark <br> <br>Producers <br>Greg Hallmark <br>Josh Lagersen <br>Erin Mercer <br>Trey Mitchell <br>Ken Scruggs <br> <br>Audio <br>Mike Driskill <br> <br>Set Design <br>Andrea Cunningham <br> <br>Written By <br>Caryn Cast <br>Nate Griffin <br>Abigail Hall <br>Josh Lagersen <br>Lucas Lord <br>Erin Mercer <br>Trey Mitchell <br>Kai Porter <br>Ken Scruggs <br>Tonya Stroud <br> <br>Casting <br>Trey Mitchell <br>Ken Scruggs <br> <br>Music Supervisor <br>Ken Scruggs <br> <br>"Finding Sam" 1 & 2 <br>Written by Caryn Cast <br>Caryn Cast - Piano <br>Lin Crowson - Bass <br> <br>Catering & Publicity <br>Michelle Mitchell <br> <br>Thank You: <br>Dave Buchart <br>Nick N Jim's <br>SATCO <br>Fred Mollin <br> <br>Dedicated to Jeff "Squirrel Boy" Hunter